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Collection of Passport

Applicants need to provide the invoice cum receipt (ICR) and stamped passport photocopies returned from the visa application centre after submission to collect the passports of their own.

If applicants can not come in person to pick up the passports, the representatives should provide below documents to collect the passports/rejection letters on behalf of the applicants:

  • An authorization letter signed by the applicant
  • A photocopy of the representative’s ID card (show the original to visa application centre staff)
  • Invoice cum receipt (ICR)
  • Stamped photocopies of the applicant’s passport identification page and signature page
  • If parent/guardian collect the passport on behalf of the minor child, photocopy of birth certificate of the child or photocopy of Hukou (indicating the relationship between the parent/guardian and child)

It’s applicants’ responsibility to check visa upon picking up passport from Visa Application Center/EMS courier. Please check the visa details carefully (including full name, gender, photo, date of birth, passport number, period of validity, number of entries) after you get a visa. In case of any incorrect details on visa page, please contact us immediately.

In case the envelop contains passport is not sealed when picking up, please contact Sweden Visa Application center or Embassy/Consulate immediately.

If you are not satisfied with the decision you have been given, you can appeal it to the Swedish Mission.

The appeal must be in writing, signed by yourself, and submitted or delivered to the Swedish Mission Abroad where the decision was made no later than three weeks after the date you were formally notified of the decision.

The appeal must state:

  • Which decision you wish to appeal.
  • Your name, date of birth, postal address, telephone number and e-mail.
  • How you want the decision to be changed.
  • Any circumstances or evidence/proof that you wish to add to your case.

If someone else signs the appeal on your behalf, that person must be authorised to represent you (power of attorney). The power of attorney document must be signed by you and submitted in original together with your appeal.

Upon receiving an appeal, the Swedish Mission Abroad will review the original decision. If the decision maker decides not to change the decision, the appeal is transferred to the Migration Court in Sweden, who then makes an independent decision. If the Swedish Mission Abroad wants to change the decision, you will be contacted in a few days. But if the Swedish Mission Abroad decides not to change the decision and forwards the appeal to the Migration Court in Sweden, the waiting time would be longer. In that case you can contact the Swedish Migration Court directly.