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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process when I arrive to the Sweden Visa Application Center?

    1. Register with help from Security Guard/staff at the entrance of visa application center and the security guard/staff will issue a token for you.
    2. The counter staff will call the token number then start to process the application documents.
    3. After the documents are processed and the fees are paid, counter staff will inform you about biometrics taking.
    4. The biometric staff will call the token number for you to go to biometric room and collecting biometrics for you.
    5. After the biometrics is done, the whole process in visa application center is finished and you may leave the visa application center.
  • Does the translated document need to have the translation company stamp?

    No need. You can translate the document by yourself, no need the translation company stamp.

  • Can I handwrite the application form or the application form has to be printed with all the information?

    You can print the form with all the information or fill the form by handwriting at your convenience. Handwritten form is fine as long as they are legible and neat. Please kindly notice that you have to sign on No. 37 and the last part of the application form.

  • Can I apply for a visa longer than 90 days at the visa centre?

    No. The visa centre is competent only for processing  short term visas (less than 90 days).

  • Can I make an appointment for the document submission?

    You can make an appointment online via the appointment system.

  • I made an appointment for 10.10 a.m., but there is a queue at the gate? How can I enter the visa centre on time?

    Applicants with an appointment can approach the guard in the uniform near the entrance. The guard has an appointment list for the day. The guard will let you enter the visa centre on time upon showing your passport.

  • Can I make an appointment to collect my Visa Application/Passport?

    No, you do not need to make an appointment to collect your visa/passport. You can collect your visa/passport when you have received a notice that your passport is ready for collection.

  • What if I will not be able to come in time for my scheduled appointment?

    You have to reschedule your appointment or come directly as walk-in applicant by taking a token number from the security guard.

  • I need to submit documents urgently tomorrow, but no appointment slots are available for tomorrow. How can I make an appointment?

    You need to check for next available date and schedule your appointment or come directly as walk-in applicant by taking a token number from the security guard.

  • I made an appointment to submit an application, but my two colleagues asked me to submit their applications as well. Can I submit all these applications even though I only have one appointment?

    No,you can only submit your own application. The applications must be submitted by the applicant in person.

  • Should I buy my medical insurance before my visa is issued?

    Yes. You must show a proof of a valid Medical Travel Insurance for the entire period of the expected stay in the Schengen area.

  • Next week I am going to submit applications for a group of people. Do I need to enter the data of all the applicants into the appointment system?


    For ADS Groups, please send an email to the application center, application center staff will confirm on the same.

  • Can the visa application centre send the passport to me when the passport is ready for collection?

    Yes, you can order the courier service during the submission of your application.

  • Do I get my fee refunded in case of visa refusal?

    No. The application fee covers the handling of the application, regardless of the final result

  • What are the detailed requirements regarding insurance?

    Persons who require a visa for entry into the Schengen area shall normally be expected to be in possession of a travel and medical insurance. The Embassy/Consulate General of Sweden requires the applicant to show us the letter or insurance document covering the following information: relevant insurance covering the journey in the Schengen area, valid for the entire duration of the stay, covering at least €30,000 and covering the cost of any emergency medical treatment and repatriation for medical reasons. Any insurance company may issue such insurance.

  • Must I apply in person?

    Yes,the visa application must be submitted by the applicant in person.

  • When can I get my visa application result/decision?

    The Embassy/Consulate normally takes about 15 calendar days to process a short term visa. The processing time is counted from the date when the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing/Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai receives the application documents; it will not include the delivery time between the Visa Application Center and Embassy/Consulate.

  • What kind of documents do I need to prepare when I come to pick up my passport/decision?

    Applicants need to provide the invoice cum receipt (ICR) and stamped passport photocopies returned from the visa application centre after submission to collect the passports/rejection letters of their own.If applicants can not come in person to pick up the passports/rejection letters, the representatives should provide below documents to collect the passports/rejection letters on behalf of the applicants:

    • An authorization letter signed by the applicant
    • A photocopy of the representative’s ID card (show the original to visa application centre staff)
    • Invoice cum receipt (ICR)
    • Stamped photocopies of the applicant’s passport identification page and signature page
    • If parent/guardian collect the passport on behalf of the minor child, photocopy of birth certificate of the child or photocopy of Hukou (indicating the relationship between the parent/guardian and child)

    Please note: For Sweden Visa Application Center in Shanghai/Hangzhou/Nanjing, if your visa is refused, you must come in person to the Application Center to collect passport and sign related refusal documents, and no representative could collect it on behalf of you.

  • Do I have the right to appeal in case my application is rejected?

    Yes, it is possible to appeal against a decision of refusal of a Schengen visa. This does not apply to National visas. A rejected application requires justification.This means that you will get information in the decision as to why your application was rejected. If you received a decision of refusal, you can submit a written appeal no later than 3 weeks from the day you received the decision

  • I know I need to leave biometric data for Schengen visa, do I complete Biometrics after document submission or I need to book another time for Biometrics?

    Applicant could complete biometrics after visa application submission. If the Embassy/Consulate fail to fetch the biometrics data during visa processing, applicant may be called back to re-do the biometrics in the Visa Application Center.

  • I would like to apply for Business Visa to Sweden this time, and I remembered I have done biometrics for Schengen visa in Spain Visa Application Center one month ago, can I ask my colleague to submit the visa documents on behalf of me?

    According to the requirement of Embassy/Consulate, applicants still need to come in person no matter biometrics done before or not. If you have done biometrics for Schengen Visa within past 59 months, you could skip the biometrics this time, but you still need to come in person for visa submission.

  • I would like to know what I shall do if I want to apply for visa with duration of more than 90 days.

    The Sweden Visa Application Center only accepts Schengen Visa (shot term visa/C Visa) with duration less than 90 days. If you would like to stay for more than 90 days (Residence Permit/D Visa), please contact the Embassy/Consulate for more details.

  • I would like to travel to Sweden with my family for tourism, I already paid the flight tickets as the flight fare is much cheaper now, if I wait till the visa application result, the flight ticket will be much expensive.

    To dear applicant, Embassy/Consulate only request flight booking if you are applying for individual tourism. Please note that the ticket should be paid after your visa has been issued.

  • Can I request to return some of my visa documents as I may need the document for my next visa application?

    To dear applicant, the visa documents will be accepted and processed in the Embassy/Consulate after your submission and could not be returned no matter visa is approved or rejected. Please prepare the documents for your next trip in advance.

  • Am I supposed to make an appointment before I come to the Visa Application Centre?

    No appointment is required if you want to lodge an application. The opening hours for the Sweden Visa Application Centre are: Monday-Friday, 8:00-15:00. Visa Application Centre is closed on some Swedish and Chinese public holidays.