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Now that you are ready with all your documents, forms and other requirements, applicants can now locate and visit the visa application centre according to jurisdictions to apply for their visa to Sweden.A visa application should be submitted at least 15 calendar days before the intended visit and cannot be submitted earlier than 90 days before the intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area. If it’s possible, please apply as far in advance as possible, especially during the peak season (May-September).

To visit the visa application center, we recommend you to schedule appointment through our website. If there is no suitable seat for you, you could visit the visa application centre directly without any appointment during our opening hours. You could take a token number at the gate and wait for calling. For ADS group appointment, please find the details in the FAQs.

Applications submitted at the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing directly are by appointment only. The same rules apply at the Consulate-General of Sweden in Shanghai.

Please ensure that you read the Security Regulations carefully and follow mentioned instructions before you visit the Sweden Visa Application Centre in Beijing and Shanghai.

Please note: Applicants should come in person to submit their own applications to the visa application centre.

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