Business / professional visa / mission / conference


Individuals travelling to Sweden as business and representatives of business organizations can apply for this Schengen visa. Please note you will have to provide evidence that you fall under this category.

Visa Fees

Visa Category Visa fee (in Euro) Visa fee (in MAD) VFS Service fee
( in MAD)
Visa for family or friend visit/ Tourism 80.00 850 MAD 245 MAD per application
Visa for official ,business visit and sports or cultural event 80.00 850 MAD 245 MAD per application
Visa for the applicant under the directive 2004/38/EC 0.00 0.00 MAD 245 MAD per application
Children, ages 0 – 5 0.00 0.00 245 MAD per application
Children, ages 6 – 11 40.00 425 MAD 245 MAD per application


There is a service charge of 245 MAD (Inclusive of 20% VAT) levied per application over and above the visa fees

Please Note:

  • Countries with a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union. The Schengen visa fee amounts to 380 MAD for national of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Georgia, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.
  • The applicable visa fee in Moroccan Dirham is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice. The fee is non-refundable.
  • The following categories of applicants are exempted of Visa fees only:

    • children under 6 years of age
    • school pupils, students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips
    • Researchers
    • for EU/EEA-spouses and their children (under 21), registered partners and co-habitees of EU/EEA nationals. The original Marriage Certificate or original full Birth Certificate with parents' names must be submitted together with spouse's/parent's original passport.

All fees are non-refundable.

Documents Required

Visa Application Form to be completed, signed and dated
Family Details - to be completed(optional)
Appendix A .pdf - to be completed
  • a recent passport photographs with a light background.
  • The passport should be valid for three months after departure from the territory of the Schengen countries, must have 2 blank visa pages.
  • Visa application form has to be filled completed signed and dated.
  • family details to be completed ,signed and dated (optional)
  • Appendix A.pdf to be completed and signed.
  • A valid personal travel medical insurance covering
    • 30,000 Euro
    • emergency treatment by a doctor
    • urgent ambulance transportation
  • transportation back to the applicant's home country if required for medical reasons
  • proof of residence in morocco for foreigners : residence permit or equivalent..

Trip subject :

  • Official mission letter from the Moroccan company; justifying the purpose of the mission.
  • Access card to the exebition, forum.

Financial means :

  • Financial support means either from the Moroccan company or the one in Sweden.

Accommodation proof :

  • A hôtel réservation or équivalent

Proof of socio-professional activities due to below categories function:

  • businessmen/businesswomen/tradesmen free professions:
  • Trading register.
  • Patent (license holder)
  • Company status file
  • Taxes and its payment receipts of the actual year.
  • Bank statements of the three last month of the company.
  • Personal Bank statements of the three last months.
  • Professional card
  • Employees:
  • Work certificate.
  • Salary certificate.
  •  Official Vacation letter.
  • Copy of the social benefit card.
  • The social benefit card statements of the three last months
  • The three last months ‘salary statements.
  • Personal Bank statements of the three last months.
  • Clerks/civil servants:
  • Work certificate
  • Salary certificate.
  • Official mission letter from the Moroccan company The three last months ‘salary statements.
  • Personal Bank statements of the three last months

NB: The embassy may ask for additional documents . transportation proof)
(for example the confirmation of means of

  • Any submission of a falsified document can lead to a legal punishment.
  •  all documents have to be either in English or French

The above list is based on the decision of the implementation commission of 16 October 2015

As of the 02 September 2019, a new check list will be implemented:

New check list

Photo Specifications

A Photograph submitted with the application form should comply with the following specifications:

  • Latest photograph not older than 6 months
  • Colored photograph printed on normal photographic paper
  • Should be passport sized 45mm x 35mm
  • 70-80% of the photograph should be covered by face
  • Full face straight profile photograph, 30-36 mm from point of the chin to head
  • Should be taken against a light background
  • Should be without sunglasses,hat or cap
  • Photograph can be taken with headgear, after consideration on case to case basis if the applicant wears headgear on religious grounds.
  • Spectacles should not have toned or reflecting glasses. The frame of the spectacles may not cover the eyes
  • The mouth must be closed

Please note that photographs should meet the above mentioned specifications

Processing Time

Application Processing Time:

Usual application processing time is 7-15 working days excluding the day of documents' submission. A visa application should be submitted at least 15 calendar days before the intended visit and cannot be submitted earlier than three months before the intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area.

Please note that you may be required to appear before a Visa Officer for a personal interview at the Embassy of Sweden in Rabat prior to a decision being taken in your case. Embassy/Consulate General of Sweden also reserves the right to ask for additional supporting documents during the visa application process. Applicants are requested to read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site helps you to prepare your documents as accurately as possible as possible which will reduce the chances of your application being incomplete or delayed.

Download Forms

Visa Application Form to be completed, signed and dated
Family Details - to be completed(optional)
Appendix A- to be completed

To Download a Form:

  1. Click on the form link
  2. When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


  1. Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  2. Select Save Target As from the list
  3. Save the form on your computer.