Before applying, please ensure you are very clear on your ‘purpose of visit’ – do remember we are here to assist and help you through the entire visa application process but are not permitted to advise or guide you on choosing a visa category. Since our work is primarily administrative in nature, we have no say on whether you will be granted a visa and how long exactly it will take to process it, as this is entirely the prerogative of the Swedish Embassy in Abuja.

Applicants are requested to read the below mentioned steps carefully before submitting their application at the Swedish visa application center, Lagos or Abuja.

Applicants are to provide the new bio-metric passports.

The Swedish Embassy would require a minimum of two (2) consecutive empty pages in your passport in order to issue a visa STICKER on your passport.

“All applicants –(Schengen non-immigrant visa) - simply need to walk into one of the VFS center in Abuja or Lagos and submit their application together with the required documents.”

It is recommended to refer the Attached PDF file for process flow at Visa application center Click here

The Swedish Embassy in Abuja also represents Slovakia and Latvia. Applicants intending to travel to these countries can also apply at the VFS Swedish Visa application Centre.

By request of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia (the OCMA) applicants travelling to Latvia need to provide the OCMA-approved invitation letter. The inviter should visit the OCMA in Latvia in order to make an OCMA-approved invitation. The invitations approved by the OCMA (printed originals) have to been sent to the visa applicant for submission to the Embassy of Sweden along with visa application.

Applicants applying for all Multiple Entry Schengen Visas, irrespective of the validity, will also have to provide a written guarantee that they will cover all successive trips with an International Health Insurance valid for the intended period of travel.

Applicants are requested to read the following steps carefully before submitting their application at the Sweden Visa Application Centre Lagos or Abuja.

Step 1

Complete the Visa application form and take a print out of the completed form.

Step 2

Book an appointment

Choose a Visa Application Centre and make an appointment

  • Appointments are made available for booking up to 90 days from current date. If message “No Slots Available” is displayed, you should try again in a few days’ time.
  • You can only book one appointment per person (no duplicate appointment allowed by the system).
  • You have to choose between Lagos and Abuja (booking appointment in both cities is not possible).
  • You have to show up on time for your appointment. Entry into VFS Global application Center is allowed 15 minutes ahead of time and 15 minutes after. Beyond this time, your appointment will be cancelled.
  • No-show at booked appointment will prevent you from booking another appointment for 15 days.
  • Booked appointments can be re-scheduled online only once until 48 hours before initial scheduled appointment. Should you really need to re-schedule for tangible reason within 48 hours before scheduled appointment, please send an email with detailed justification to
  • Your appointment will be confirmed once service fees is paid during online appointment booking process via debit or credit card.
  • In case of no-show service fee cannot be refunded.
  • It is highly recommended to determine which VISA TYPE you need before you proceed to book appointment.
  • For Booking an appointment for Sweden Visa Application Centre CLICK HERE

Step 3

Pay your visa application fee by POS at the Visa Application Centres.

Step 4

  • Submit your application form with supporting documents & photocopies of the same and have your fingerprints taken (all applicants aged 6 years and over)


  • If applicants submit fake/forged passports, they will be seized and sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means as well travel insurance has to be presented not only in the process of applying for a visa, but also when entering the Schengen territory. A visa does not necessarily guarantee entry
  • IMPORTANT: Introduction False or fraudulent documents as well as wrong or non-complete information on the application form will ultimately lead to a refusal of the visa.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to request for additional documents in addition to those mentioned above.

For additional information please contact the Swedish Embassy, Abuja.