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  • For the attention of applicants in Mumbai:

    Due to the weather conditions over the weekend, staff strength at our Visa Application Centres in Mumbai may be lower than normal and may lead to longer wait times during the visa application process.

    Request you to bear with this inconvenience.

    We appreciate your understanding.

  • Identity Certificate for Tibetan: On the 09 October 2018 Sweden decided to accept the Identity Certificate issued by the Government of India as a valid travel document. It is recognized only if the holder is a Tibetan refugee and if an unrestricted right to return is entered in the document as follows: "No objection to return to India”.
  • Due to heavy rains in Mumbai, we are working with skeleton staffing in Visa Application Centre and Call Centre. This may also impact the delivery and pick up of the passports.
  • Sweden Visa Application Centre in Nepal also accept short stay visa for Denmark and Estonia.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here